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-----The Movie-----

NOTE:: This summary is not even halfway done, I'm going to finish it later.  To do the summary means I have to watch the movie and constantly stop it.

        Mayuka came on Tenchi Muyo the Movie 2, Manatsu no Eve (hence the name of my page.  On the English version its called Daughter of Darkness.  I'll have a bigger summary later.  This summary is for the Japanese version, though nothing is different between the two (that I know of) besides the dialog.  

        It starts out with showing Yuzuha's past.  Showing the people of Jurai celebrating Startica (a Jurai Holiday a lot like Christmas, but its in the summer).  A little girl runs up to this boy under a big tree and gives him a present, a box that shows a hologram of the Startica Tree (looks exactly like a Christmas tree).  Suddenly the wind picks up and a ship comes down with Jurai guards.  They run out, attacking the girl, and holding the boy back.  She drops the present down as she tries to run away, and the guards trample over it.  They catch her and brutally attacked her with big sticks (that's what it looks like to me).  Finally a guard slices her with his sword, and her body disappears and reappears as this demon.  The guard yells "Leave!  You wretched creature!" and she disappears screaming.

        The scene changes to this odd room with toys everywhere, and the walls covered with Monitor like things.  The demon (Yuzuha) wakes up yawning and says "Gosh, that was a dreary dream.  Hey, what's it mean?".  Suddenly all the Monitors turn on and then they all turn back off but one.  That one comes out of the wall and closer to Yuzuha.  Yuzuha watches as the screen shows Tenchi and family spending Christmas together.  Everybody's singing, and Ryoko's flying around drunk.  Yuzuha is shocked to see Tenchi's Grandfather there.  Ryoko flies into Tenchi and they both fall on the ground.  Then Mihoshi looks down at them and says "oh my" while unintentionally spilling orange juice (I don't know what it is, its just orange) on them.  Yuzuha gets an idea, seeing that Tenchi is the prince.  It goes back to Tenchi, cleaning the orange juice out of his hair.  Sasami comes and gives him a present and as he's thanking her you see a strand of hair disappear off his head.  It goes back to Yuzuha, doing something to Tenchi's hair.  She says she'll give him a summer Startica present as she pulls out some of her hair.  She then jumps through this hole that appeared in the ground and slides down.  She flies out of the hole and lands on this flying yo-yo.  She flies down to this huge jar like thing with green liquid in it.  She puts the hair in the liquid saying "I will send him what I promised on that day."  The hair forms this jewel and Yuzuha suddenly yells "Startica!"  as it shows this huge tree in her lair.  The tree suddenly starts to glow.

The Title screen comes up "Tenchi Muyo! Manatsu no Eve"

        Aeka is in the garden watering flowers.  Kiyone opens a window from the house and tells Aeka Good Morning.  Kiyone then grabs a vacuum cleaner and starts to vacuum the floor.  Then it shows Sasami fixing food.  She runs outside and asks Aeka (who is now putting laundry up to dry) where Tenchi is.  Aeka tells her he's out to clean the tombstone.  Sasami (starting to help Aeka) yells Mihoshi.  Mihoshi yells "Just a second!" as she stuffs clothes in the washing machine and grabs two baskets of clothes and brings them to Sasami.  Kiyone yells out the window asking if anyone could help her with the mopping, and Sasami asks where Ryoko is.  Aeka says that she's probably sleeping again.  It shows Ryoko brushing her teeth on the roof.  Then it goes to Tenchi at the tombstones.  As he's walking back to the house he suddenly gets this weird feeling.  And you see some orange eyes opening, and the background music plays Mayuka's theme.  Tenchi stops and you see this girl with blue hair in a pink dress and hat (I wonder who it is lol).  Tenchi turns around and Mayuka slowly goes down the steps to Tenchi.  She takes of her hat and says "Papa" in this cute voice.  Tenchi's eye's go wild and he says "What?".  She then hugs him saying she's sorry she's late.

        It goes back to the house and Sasami runs in with a bunch of flowers and asks Aeka if its enough.  She says yes and thanks her.  Then Tenchi comes in saying he's home.  Aeka runs to the door and welcomes him home.  Everybody else comes and sees Mayuka, wondering who she is.  Mihoshi barges through everyone screaming "Well, We have a guest!".  As Mihoshi talks Mayuka shyly backs behind Tenchi.  Ryoko gets irritated and yells "I asked, who are you?!?".  Tenchi's dad comes wondering what everybody's making a fuss about, then asks who that girl is.  Tenchi tries to explain what happened and then Aeka and Ryoko run to him.  Aeka yells "You're not making sense.  Please tell us the whole story!".  Tenchi says he doesn't know exactly what happened, and that she just followed him there.  Mayuka looked at Tenchi and said "Papa!".  Everyone backs away with this really scared look on their faces.  

Aeka: What does she mean, "Papa"?!?
Nobuyuki: T-Tenchi, you couldn't be!
Tenchi: She's kidding!  Isn't that right?
Mayuka: **rubs on Tenchi** Your my Papa!

        They all stand there with very scary looks on their face, gasping.  Nobuyuki runs away and Mihoshi says "Well, it's hot, why don't you come in?".  They all went and sat down on the couches.  Mayuka drinks some water and she rubs up against Tenchi saying "Papa!".  He asked her what is it and she says "I love you, Papa!".  Tenchi tells her to stop it, and she asks "Why?  Don't you like me?".  Ryoko then stands up screaming and stands on the coffee table yelling at Mayuka . . .

Ryoko: You there!  You take advantage of the situation because I've been quiet.  Who are you?!?  Why are you trying to get so close to Tenchi?!?
Mayuka: How dare you!
Ryoko: Interesting, Wanna take me on? 

        Ryoko jumps back and forms a sword in her hand and swings it toward Mayuka.  Tenchi tells her to stop it, but Ryoko goes on swinging at Mayuka, chasing her around the house.  Mayuka runs into Washu's door and then runs away, Ryoko's still chasing her.  Washu comes out to see what all the commotion is about.  Ryoko catches her at the stairs and Mayuka gets really mad and screams "NO!!".  She starts to glow pink and her hair raises up.  A sword forms in her hand, and strong wind is blowing around her and the others.  Tenchi says "The Light Hawk Sword!" and Washu gets this weird look on her face.  Suddenly Tenchi's dad and Grandpa comes running in the house and opens the door, and are shocked as they were almost blown away with the strong wind.  It then shows Yuzuha watching them.  She laughs and says "It's a present, Yosho".  Back to Mayuka again, she swings the sword up and right when she's about to attack, Grandpa jumps and grabs her.  Yuzuha laughs.  Mayuka's sword disappears and she has this really shocked look on her face.  The Grandpa says "Whatever reason you may have, there is no killing in this house."  Tenchi tells Grandpa that she had the Light Hawk Sword.  He tells Tenchi to calm down, its almost lunch time.  He talks to Mayuka for a little bit and as they're talking Washu pulls one of Mayuka's hairs.  She screams Ouch! and Washu runs away.

        They are now eating lunch (yuuuuuuuum noooooodles **drools**).  While Mayuka is eating and "flirting" with Tenchi, Aeka and Ryoko watch very angrily.  Mayuka asks Tenchi "Which do you like better, me or the noodles?".  Then Mayuka gets some noodles and gives him some.  Then suddenly Ryoko stands up with a VERY angry face.  Grandpa clears his throat and Ryoko sits down, still pissed.  Mayuka asks Tenchi what's wrong with Ryoko, and Tenchi says "Ugh.  Yeah, I wonder".  Mayuka then reaches to get some more noodles and Ryoko comes in with her chopsticks and cuts most of the noodles she has (I wish I could use chopsticks like that).  Mayuka and Ryoko both stand up.

Mayuka: What's your problem?!?
Ryoko: You're the problem!
**They both stomps one foot on the table**
Mayuka: You wanna fight?!?
Ryoko: My pleasure!

        Tenchi suddenly stands up saying that he ate so much that he's stuffed and then sneaks off.  Mayuka asks where he's going and he says that he's going to take a bath.  Mayuka yells out "Me too!!"  and then she runs after Tenchi yelling "Wait for me Papa!" while stripping her clothes off.  Ryoko and Aeka run after her and catch her.  You then see Washu analyzing Mayuka's DNA.

        You now see Mayuka, Ryoko, Aeka, Kiyone, and Mihoshi outside.  Ryoko is trying to get Mayuka to explain everything.

Ryoko: Now, explain the whole thing to us.
Aeka: What do you intend to do?
Mayuka: Why do you ask?  I just came to see my Papa.
Ryoko: You!
Kiyone: Stop Yelling at her.  It won't help.
Ryoko: Ok Ok
Aeka: First of all, tell us who you are.
Mayuka: I don't know!
Aeka: **shocked** Stop joking around!
Mayuka: I'm not, really.
Kiyone: Well, you said your name is Mayuka, right?  Where's your mother?
Mayuka: Mama?
Kiyone: Yes
Mayuka: I don't know my Mama.  All I remember is Papa's face.

        Kiyone and Aeka ask her more questions.  Tenchi is out of site listening in.  He has a bucket of stuff for his bath.  Tenchi's wonders why she remembers him as her father, and that she doesn't know her mother.  Washu comes saying she found something interesting about Mayuka.  She tells him that he is her father.  Tenchi just stands there with this really shocked look on his face.  Sasami runs through saying she has some watermelon, and then runs outside asking them if they want some.  Tenchi is still standing there with the same face, and then he drops his bucket.

        Now Kiyone, Ryoko, Mihoshi, Aeka, Mayuka, and Sasami are all outside eating watermelon.  

Ryoko: I just can't believe it.
Mihoshi: But she is Tenchi's daughter, right?  That means that her mother is Tenchi's wife, doesn't it?
Aeka: Hey!  What are you talking about!  There's no proof!
Ryoko: Besides, when did Tenchi get married, huh?
Mihoshi: That's sometime in the future!
Ryoko: So you're saying this strange brat is from the future?
Mayuka: **spits a watermelon seed** It flew!  It flew!
Ryoko: That's nonsense!
Aeka: That's right!
Washu: But the truth is, she's right.
**Washu walks up and grabs a watermelon, everyone looks at Washu in shock**
Washu: Exactly!  When I examined her hair, I discovered that one side . . . **bites into the watermelon** . . . of her DNA is identical with Tenchi's.
**Everyone stands up**
Mihoshi: See?  I told you so.
Ryoko: That's impossible!
Washu: That's not all.  During the time frame she appeared here . . .  **spits out watermelon seeds** . . . a tremor was observed in the time-space continuum.
Kiyone: No kidding?  So she really came form the future?
Washu: Well, there's no proof!  I haven't even figured out her mother's DNA yet.  **takes a bite of watermelon**  But, there's a chance that one of you is her mother.
Aeka: The wife of Tenchi-sama, It could possible be me.
Ryoko: Oh gosh!
Sasami: Or could it be me?
Ryoko: Huh?
Mihoshi: Or me, maybe?
Ryoko: Oh, my
Kiyone: C-come now, aren't you all too young to think of that?
Washu: **laughs**
Aeka: Oh, certainly not.  Right, Mayuka.

        They all turn around to find that Mayuka is gone.