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       Aeka is first shocked by Mayuka, because she claimed to be Tenchi's Daughter.  But after a while she begins to like her.  She tells her that she can be apart of their family.  She even tells her that if she is a good girl and wait for winter she can celebrate Christmas with all of them.

       Sasami becomes really good friends with Mayuka, more than anybody else.  Sasami teaches her origami and shows her the Photo Album of their last Christmas.  They become really good friends.  When Mayuka ran away because she was afraid of herself and the others, Sasami was so upset. She ran after to find her in the forest alone.  Sasami and Mayuka act about the same age, even though Mayuka looks about 16.

       Mayuka and Ryoko didn't start out on a good term.  Ryoko didn't like Mayuka anyway, because she was all over Tenchi claiming to be her daughter.  But she even hates her more when she figures out that Mayuka is there to kill Tenchi.  Ryoko doesn't like her at all, and they fight constantly.  And their fights are more violent than Ryoko and Aeka's fights.  But, at the end, she actually missed Mayuka, and wanted her back.

       Mihoshi really likes Mayuka.  She even helped her dress, and fixed her hair.  She tried working on some origami with Mayuka  and Sasami, but her efforts didn't work out too well ^^;;.

       Kiyone likes Mayuka, she has tried to get info from her, about her mother and why she's there.  But none of that seemed to work.  

       Mayuka and Washu didn't really have that much of a relationship with each other.  Washu just did research on her.  She figured out that she is Tenchi's daughter.  She helps open the vortex for Tenchi and Ryoko to save Sasami and go after Mayuka.  Also, she brought Mayuka back to life to let her live her full life that she deserves.