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Snake had to leave Meryl to find a sniper gun.  And when he came back, she was gone.  The only thing that remained was her blood.  Snake moves to the side, behind the wall, so he can get a good angle to shoot at the sniper without getting shot.  After a while, Snake finally shoots the Sniper down.  He goes to where the sniper was previously shooting at him to pick up items, and notices there is a trail of blood leading away.  He goes to a door, but before he could open it, he gets ambushed by enemy soldiers, and Sniper Wolf.

Wolf comes up to him with her rifle, and tells him to slowly put his gun away.  They then start to talk...

Snake:  A lady sniper, huh?

Wolf:  Didn't you know that two-thirds of the world's greatest assassins are women?  Do you want to die now?  Or after your female friend?  Which will it be?

Snake:  I'll die after I kill you.

Wolf:  Is that right?  Well, at least you've got spirit.  I'm Sniper Wolf and I always kill what I aim at.  **walks up to snake and puts her hand on his face**  You're my special it?**slashes his face** I've left my mark on you.  I won't forget it.  Until I kill're all I'll think about.

She signals to a Genome Soldier, and he knocks Snake over the head with his gun, and Snake blacks out.


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