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All I have in here right now is pictures.  There will me some more in here later when I think of something else to put in here.  ALL of these pictures are made by me.  DO NOT take them and use them on your web site without EMAILING me FIRST and titling it Sniper Wolf Pictures.  Wait till I reply and say you can use them.  I'm sorry to be all defensive, but I spent a lot of time playing the game over for the 816548 time, taping it, and pausing and rewinding to get it perfect.  Also, if I let you use the images, have a link saying that Hawlee made these pics, and link back here.  Also, DO NOT direct link.  If u do that, or take my images without my permission, your going to have a bad-assed sea cow eating your feet as rabid munkies jump all over you eating your ears off as they sing "I'm a Little Teapot" and mad crazy beavers hurling at great speeds towards you and Xena cry Matrix kicks you while doing a Naga Laugh in the moonlight.  WATCH THOSE BEAVERS FLY!!!  MWA HA HA HA HAA!!!!!!!!!!  o_o;;;  Ok, I'll calm down now.  I'll let you go on to the pictures just be nice.


Oh by the way, the Beaver Xena cry Matrix Kick is from Jake.  I just wanted to give him credit for his wonderful attack XD.