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Sniper Wolf's past was a tough one.  She was born and raised on a battle field.  All she knew was war, death,  and destruction nothing else.  At night she would fall to sleep to sounds of gunfire, sirens and screams.  In the morning she would wake up to find another one of her family or friends dead beside her.  She would pray to make it through the day.  Every Government of the world ignored them, and their misery.  But one day, someone came to her, and took her away from her misery.  He was Saladin, Big Boss.

She later became a sniper.  Watching the misery, brutality, and stupidity of the humans through the scope of her rifle.  She was now not inside the war, but outside, viewing everything from her rifle's scope.

Because of her anger toward the governments of the world, she joined a certain group of revolutionaries to take revenge.  Revenge on the world for what it had done to her.