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       Tenchi is Mayuka's father.  He is the only family that she knows.  She really loves him, and hangs all over him.  But he only thinks of her as another girl.  He doesn't think that she's his daughter for obvious reasons as she's about the same age as him, and he doesn't really know who her Mother would be.  Tenchi really cares about Mayuka, even though he's shocked from her thinking that he's her father.

       Yuzuha is Mayuka's Mother.  She is a demon from another realm.  She created Mayuka from her and Tenchi's hair.  Mayuka doesn't really know her mother till the end when she realizes why she's there.  Yuzuha sent Mayuka to bring Tenchi to her.  She wanted Tenchi dead.  She doesn't care for Mayuka, and punishes her whenever she disobeyed her.  She only thinks of her as just a human cast, a lifeless doll.  Sadly, she was the one who killed her.

       Yosho is Mayuka's Great Grandfather.  He figures out that she came to get Tenchi before anybody else, but knows that she doesn't know why she's there.  He treats her like a grandchild.