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-Mayuka's Story
       Learn about Mayuka's past, who she is, how she becomes one of the Tenchi gang.  But warning, spoiler alert!  I have a very in-dept summery for the end, so be careful.

       Learn about Mayuka's Personality.

       Wonder what the meaning of Mayuka's name is?  Well, go here to see the analysis of her name.

       Find out who Mayuka's family is, and how close they are.  Also, another spoiler.  But if you don't read the Yuzuha part, you'll be fine.

       Mayuka has some kind of relationship with all of the Tenchi Muyo characters.  Some is good, some is bad.

       Find out about Mayuka's Seiyuu, Iwao Junko.

       Quotes that Mayuka has said or other characters have said about her.  Yet again, another spoiler.