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Yosho: Whatever reason you may have, there is no killing in this house.

Mayuka: Which do you like better, Me or the noodles?

Mayuka:  Where are you going, Papa?
Tenchi: Well, I think I'll go take a bath.
Mayuka:  Me too!  Wait for me, Papa!

Mayuka: I don't know my Mama.  All I remember is Papa's face.

Tenchi: Sorry, Mayuka, you told me you're my daughter but I don't really believe you are.  You're just a girl to me, the same way as any of them.  So please try to be reasonable

Mayuka: I...I'm scared of myself.

Mayuka: Everyone seems so happy, I want to celebrate it, too.
Sasami: You do?
Aeka: You can.  You'll become part of our family.  And we'll celebrate Christmas together.
Sasami: Yeah!
Mihoshi: That'll be great!
Kiyone: I'm all for it!
Aeka: But you have to be a good girl and wait for the winter to come.
Mayuka: Okay!

Tenchi: I don't even know who she is or where she comes from.  In a way, she is like me, I lost my mother when I was little, too.

Yuzuha: Who told you to be friendly with them?  You just do as I tell you, that's all.  Now, get up and bring me the prince!  Hurry up, or I will destroy you!

Mayuka: Papa, I'm scared.  Papa.

Ryoko: Whether she is under someone else's control or not, she is our enemy.

Yosho: The control over her is deep down inside her.  What is haunting her is an imposter imposter called Yuzuha.  A nightmarish creature, that dwells in the dark domain since ancient times.  It won't be easy to break her control.
Washu:  She's the daughter, and yet she's not.  She is a child of the Dark World.
Aeka: But...
Sasami: That's all the more reason we should help her!  Your all so cruel!
Aeka: Sasami!
: Mayuka promised to celebrate Christmas with us all!!

Mayuka:  Papa, I'm scared. Help me!  What did I do to you, Papa?  Papa, It hurts.  Why does it hurt so much when I think of you, Papa?

Yuzuha: You're just a human shell, and now you've gained intelligence.  Do you plan to disobey me?  I'm going to hollow you out, so you can never do it again.

Yuzuha: Hey, Prince!  Ask that old man from the Jurai Family where to find me!

Little Teddy Bear: Merry Christmas!  The prince of Jurai, and former pirate, demon princess.  We welcome you both to the Land of Yuzuha!

Evil Mayuka: . . . Merry Christmas . . .

Tenchi: I'll stay here, so you send Ryoko and Sasami home.

Sasami: Why? Why are you doing this?!?  Look at him!!  It's your Papa, don't you remember?!?
Demon Mayuka: . . . . . . . . Papa? . . . . PAPA!!!
Yuzuha: Impossible!
D. Mayuka: Papa.
Tenchi: . . . Mayuka
Ryoko: I can't believe this.  She broke free of the control on her own.

Yuzuha: You damn fool!  Forget about your fake memories!  I created you, why do you dare to go against me?!?  You're nothing but a human shell!!

D. Mayuka: Yuzuha is Yuzuha,  Mayuka is Mayuka.  I would prefer Christmas to Startica, because my Papa, Sasami, and everyone will be with me!  I'll be a good girl and wait for the winter to come so that I can celebrate Christmas with all of them!

D. Mayuka:  Papa.  I'm so sorry I did terrible things to you.
Tenchi: Don't worry about it!
D. Mayuka: I know I was a bad girl.  That's why Ryoko was angry with me.
Ryoko: Don't be silly!!  Hang on!!!
Sasami: Mayuka!
D. Mayuka: Sasami, we will celebrate Christmas together, won't we?  With everyone . . . . .
Sasami:  Mayuka!!  Mayuka!!!

Tenchi: Do you enjoy playing with a life?
Yuzuha: A life?  She's just a human cast.
Tenchi: She was alive.
Yuzuha: Alive?  A lifeless doll alive?
Tenchi: She is not a lifeless doll.  Mayuka is half of you isn't she?  What you killed was your own half.
Yuzuha: So what?!?  That's none of your damn business, you Juraians!

Tenchi: She's no longer with us.
Mihoshi: She was so looking forward to celebrating Christmas with us.
Washu: Oh!  Ryoko, are you crying?!?
Ryoko: Don't be silly!  Why should I be crying?!?

Washu: **holding the stone Yuzuha made to make Mayuka** Listen, everyone.  Since this is a matter of great importance I'm going to ask you only once.  What shall I do with this?  I'll do what everyone wishes.  If there's one among you who doesn't wish it to happen I will not do it.
Everyone: **looks at Ryoko**
Ryoko: I wish I could see her again.  
Tenchi: Ryoko!
Ryoko: All right, now, I'll set her straight this time!  **poses**
Washu: You'll never change.