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Sniper Wolf continues to work for the group revolutionaries.  Their plans were to activate Metal Gear, a nuclear walking tank.  Metal Gear can launch varieties of nuclear warheads toward anywhere on earth, from any location.

Solid Snake, a former member of FOX-HOUND, infiltrates the area.  His goal is to either stop the launch of Metal Gear, or destroy it.  He finds Meryl Silverburgh, the niece of Roy Campbell, the commander of his mission.  Meryl has had excellent training as a soldier, but has never had any real-life experience.  They become combat buddies, maybe even more than that, but you don't really know what goes through the mind of Solid Snake O.~.

Snake and Meryl make it to a long and large walkway outside.  They dodge the mines that are placed right outside the door, but as they're only a little ways through the walkway, Snake sees the red light from a laser sight over Meryl's heart.  It moves down to her leg and shoots her.  Snake jumps behind the wall as Meryl is shot a second time.  Meryl sees her gun, and reaches for it, only to be shot in the arm.  She tells Snake to stay away, they both know that it was only a trap to lure him out.  Meryl tells Snake to shoot her, that was their promise.  If she gets in the way, or her emotions take over her to shoot her.  But, Snake refused to, he told her that he will help her.  Sadly, he had to have a sniper to have a chance to shoot the sniper that shot Meryl, and he had none.  That sniper, is Sniper Wolf.