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Snake awakes to find himself strapped (well, not exactly strapped, but u get the idea) to a metal bed.  It rotates and turns him upright, and sees he's in a room with Liquid Snake (the main person behind the terrorists), Revolver Ocelot, and Sniper Wolf.

Ocelot asks Sniper wolf if she is going to stay for his "show".  She tells him its time to feed her family.  After a while of talking, Liquid Snake leaves, and Sniper Wolf walks up to Snake and tells him that Meryl is still alive.  She rubs his chest and says "Catch you later, Handsome" and leaves.  As she leaves, Ocelot tells snake that once she picks a target, she doesn't think about anything else.  Sometimes she even falls in love with them before she kills them.

And then, on goes to the torturing...


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